We bring superior nutrition and equipment to ambitious cyclists.

With our quality nutrition BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER a ride we help cyclists to maximize their performance and recovery.

Hi, I am Stefan, founder of Cycling-Point.

A passionate hobby endurance road cyclist who experimented over the years with different nutrition brands and equipment, often not satisfied with what I tried.


And so one day I decided to launch cycling-point.com to bring nutrition and equipment to cyclists that is optimized to the specific needs of proper endurance cycling.


You can follow me on Strava.

Our nutrition products are designed for top endurance performance.

  • Tailored

    Our high carbohydrate products allow your body to absorb more energy consistently and avoid sugar peaks and fatigue. Our packaging is optimized for easy storage and consumption during a ride.

  • Healthy

    Most of our products are vegan and contain only natural and premium ingredients.

  • Tasty

    Our bars as well as liquids are yummy and easy to digest for your body.

We want to bring more people to enjoy endurance cycling and help them improve their performance.

Our team consists of passionate road cyclists who are eager to improve our products but also introduce new innovative products. We also love to share amazing Routes around the world and cycling insights in our Blog.


Sustainably produced in the Netherlands

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