Superior Nutrition for
Ambitious Cyclists.

Take your cycling performance to the next level.

Consume quality nutrition BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER your ride.


Our carbohydrate-rich products ensure optimal endurance performance for cyclists and prevent sugar peaks.


Most of our products are vegan and contain only natural and premium ingredients.


Our bars as well as liquids are yummy and easy to digest for your body.


Designed for top endurance performance

Our energy bars, gels, gum bears, and drinks contain a high concentration of carbohydrates and a unique Glucose-Fructose proportion. With that you body is able to absorb more energy consistently than with many other brands, reducing the risk of early performance reductions or fatigue.

You no longer have to choose general nutrition products that are often filled with too many proteins and preservatives, and consequently limit or even harm your cycling performance.


Sustainably produced in the Netherlands

Our product packaging is optimized for easy storage and consumption during your ride. Our energy bars don't have any coating that could melt.

Our smart isotonic drink mix sachets allow you to refill your bottles with healthy and inexpensive water and avoid sugar-heavy drinks from a local shop. What a game changer, right!

Our Products

Tailored to the needs of endurance cyclists to maximize their performance and recovery. Constantly improved.

Our Happy Cyclists

The bars are amazing

"I always bought PowerBar products, but what a difference. The energy bars are tasty and so light to chew that you can eat them conveniently while riding.

Sven K., Germany

What a delight to find you

"Saw the ads and bought it as I needed new gels. The Drink Mix is amazing, now I can easily refill my bottles instead of buying Powerade at the gas station :)

Julia T., Germany